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TGSCC was born because nobody else wanted me.

I thought I’ll just hire out as a creative problem solver.

My first gig was working with an agency in Statesville, NC. It was great. Great staff, smart owner/operator. I worked there for 8 months and did some nice work for the National Pork Board, Tyson Meats, and the Pork Checkoff. Needless to say. I like pork a lot now.

Then I tried to market a town. I called it Lake Norman Village, or Lake28 for Food, Fun, and a whole lot of Sun! Made up of Davidson and Cornelius, NC. Things were still bad in 2010-12 and the empty storefronts proved it. My plan was good, but my constituency didn’t understand the value and didn’t want to risk all of $300 per month.

Which shocked me.

In 2015 TGSCC moved to New Smyrna Beach to help out family and regroup.

In 2019 TGSCC moved to Asheville, “the art center of the south”, where the citizens and guests are encouraged to “Keep Asheville Wierd!”. Perfect for TGSCC’s new home.

We are releasing a number of projects and products of our own. Continuing to do branding work for small medium and large companies. And always having a great time!

We hope you enjoy this compendium of TGSCC art, writing, products, and projects.

– Alpo

ALPO?: *When I was six years old I saw my dog, my best friend, eating his food like it was the greatest stuff on earth. So I got down and tried some. My younger sister saw me, pointed, and said, “eww, that’s Alpo.” The name stuck.

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