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My life began in a downtown Detroit Hospital on the same day Frank Sinatra was born, only 46 years later.

From kindergarten to 12 I lived in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit, just 4 miles past the famed Eminem’s 8-mile road. A mere golf course or three away. 

My three siblings and I, along with Capt. Blythe (Dad) and First Mate Gayle (Mom), sailed the great lakes in a wooden 30 Ft sailboat built-in 1928 and sailed down from Wisconsin, through a Great Lakes gale that taught the novice crew almost all they needed to know.

For four years we spent a month on the water. And often in the 65-degree glacial runoff.

Then the ‘68 Detroit riots happened so my father talked to my Mother,....for four long years. In 1973 she finally relented and we moved to mountain land in Lenoir, NC.

For the next six years, we built a log cabin from scratch, off our own land with our hands, an old F150 and a 1936 era Ford tractor. Worked the land, cows, chickens, pigs, and even goats, until we became a self-sustaining farm family.

One year after we moved into the house I went off to ASU.

Then in 1984, with diploma in hand, I began my advertising career. First a local hickory weekly, then agencies, then American Tire Distributors where I was Creative Director for 14 years. The company grew from $350 million in yearly sales to over $3.5 Billion in the 14 years I was there. I did all the branding.

Then the CEO I worked with left.

I was asked to leave within the year.

I started The Great Southern Creativity Co. on my sister's birthday, February 12, 2012. My birthday that year was going to be 12/12/12. It was an omen.

It’s a special number at tgscc.

In 2015 I moved my operations from Lake Norman, NC, to New Smyrna Beach, Fl, for three years and finally to Asheville in 2019.

Let the games begin.

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